Understanding the 4C When Choosing a Diamond II

The Diamond ColorWe will continue our discussion about the other C’s factor that is used to determine the right diamond to buy. On the last article, we have discuss about the first two C’s which are stand for clarity and carat. On this article we will discuss the rest two C’s which stands for cut and color of the diamond.

The cut

The diamond’s cut indicate the diamond physical shapes. In nature, diamonds can have various shapes such as oval, heart, round or any other shapes. And then the gemstones will be going through other process to accentuate its natural shapes or to change its original shapes.

The gemstones will be cut according to its proportion, angles and symmetry and then polished to make it more appealing and beautiful. The cut will affect the diamond’s ability to reflect the light.

The objective of this process is to avoid the loss of the light because the cutting process and to achieve the “fine cut” where it can fully reflect the light and create brilliance sparkle from the diamonds. To get this purpose the jeweler must plan the right cutting angle and the amount of cutting that is needed by each diamond. The jeweler’s skills and precision craftsmen in this process will affect the overall quality and the price of the diamonds.

The color

The diamond’s color will affect the diamond quality and value, where the clear diamond without any tinted color has the highest rank. The color of the diamond is classified from D grade to the Z grade, where the D grade is the highest rank from the diamond color.

But, that not necessary mean that tinted or colored diamonds will have lower price. Some red, blue, canary yellow and pink diamonds become a collector’s item with a very high price attach to it.

The 4C’s is the most important factor to determine the overall value of a diamond. Now that you have learn the basic of the 4C’s, it is hope that it will make it easier for you to choose and determine the right diamond that you want to buy.

Understanding the 4C When Choosing a Diamond

The Diamond ClarityIf you are interested to buy diamond jewelry, you need to pay attention to the basic factor called 4C to help you choose the right piece of jewelry for you. Some of you should have heard about this 4C, but some of you might have not known about it.

So, for you who might have not heard or know about it, the 4C is stand for clarity, cut, color, and carat. These C’s are the most basic factor in deciding the quality of gem stone, especially for diamond.

The diamond clarity

For common people, this factor might be the hardest thing to determine, although some say it is the most important factor from the rest of the other C’s. The clarity of a diamond will decide whether the diamond is brilliant or dull.

The diamond clarity will indicate the amount of light that is reflected by the diamond. Some diamonds have natural flaws which are called as inclusion. These inclusions will hindrance the diamond ability to reflect the lights, make the diamond less shiny.

The clarity will be classified into 12 different grades. The highest grade is marked with the “F” symbol which stands for flawless. Meanwhile the lowest grade is marked with I3 symbol which mean that the diamond has visible flaws that can be seen easily by naked eyes.

The other 10 grades between the F and I3 grades indicate the range visibility of flaws in the diamond. The higher the grade will be harder to see the flaws with naked eyes. The closest grade to the F grade will require special magnification device to spot the flaws in the diamond.

The carat or weight

The size of the diamond or gemstone is determined by its weight. The diamond’s weight is measured with carat unit. One carat is representing 0.007 ounce or 0.2 grams. Carat measurement does not use to determine the diamond quality, but it is use to determine the diamond quantity.

Due to the flaws that might present in the diamond and the cuts, a diamond might look bigger or smaller than the other diamond with the same carat. But, the carat will affect the diamond price because larger diamonds are more difficult to find than the small ones.

Although, that does not mean that the diamond with 4 carat will has double price as 2 carat diamonds price. There are other factor that can affect the diamond price, and the price can rises according the time or the background story of the gemstone itself.

We will continue our discussion with the rest of the Cs in the next article.

Different Type of Shoes to Buy

Shoes TypesAs we all already know that there are various types of shoes for every occasion. Choosing the right type of shoes is important to make sure that your feet will be comfortable during your activity. It will be difficult and uncomfortable to play baseball with your work shoes right?

So, here are few basic types of shoes that you should have at least you a pair ready in your home;

Dress shoes

This is the shoes that can be wore for formal event such as office, dinner party, premier party, job interview, wedding, going to opera and any other events that require for formal dress or attire. The shoes usually have traditional design with leather material with firm soles. Most of them are available in solid black or dark brown color.

Casual shoes

This shoes is use for more relax events such as shopping, going to movies, hanging out with your friends, going to the club and many other informal events. Some examples of these shoes are sneaker, shoes sandals, boots and many more. The style is more fashionable that can reflect your personality, taste and interest.

These shoes are available with various colors with more flexible or synthetic material and soles compare to the dress shoes. Therefore, these shoes tend to be cheaper than the dress shoes.

Sports shoes

These shoes are used to perform sports activities. Often times, different types of sports require different types of sports shoes. This is because the main differences in every sports movement such as biking, running, jumping, acceleration and many more. But, there are some shoes that can be used for several types of sports.

Due to the demand from the sports movement, these shoes are made from strong, durable yet flexible material. Therefore they are wearing it everyday for normal activity.

These days many people are consider the sports shoes as casual shoes. Well, there is nothing wrong with this opinion. But, the strength and durability from the sports shoes are higher compare to the common casual shoes, and not all sport shoes can be used for casual shoes such as biking shoes or dancing shoes.

Buying the Right Shoes

Buying ShoesBuying the right shoes for our activities is very important for our health. And today there are various shoes that available. Some of those shoes have specific function for certain types of situation such as hiking, working, walking, jogging and many more.

For their specific function, each type of shoes has different designs, characteristic, material, construction and how the shoes respond to your movement. Therefore, your feet can stay comfortable when performing your activities.

So, how do you know to choose the right shoes to buy? Here are some tips to choose the right shoes for your activities;

First of all you need to observe the shoes closely.

Go for comfort rather than size. Do not fix to the shoe size since the shoe’s style and design can affect the amount of space inside the shoe although it has the same size. So, you need to conform it by wearing it to see if your feet is comfortable with the shoes.

Test it by wear and walk with it and find out if the soles are flexible yet strong when you walk.

When you walk with it, feel if the insoles are cushioned properly, so the shock when going through hard surface is absorbed properly.

You must not buy the shoes if it does not feel comfortable for your feet, especially when you are walking with it.

Wear the shoes on both feet since each foot usually has different size and measurement (although the differences might only for few millimeters), so you can choose the right shoe’s size

Walk for a half or a mile before entering the shoe store to choose the shoes that you want to buy. This will make your feet expand to its maximum so you can choose the right shoe size that comfortable and not squeezing your feet when performing your activity.

The heel must fit properly without open gap. So, the shoe will support your ankle properly.

Getting the Best Deal on Online Shopping II

Continuing from previous post, we will discuss further about finding great offer on online shopping.

Go to the store website

So, maybe you are the type of person who is more comfortable to go to the real stores rather than shopping through the internet. Well, it still alright, after all we all have our own ways of thinking and method that make us more comfortable in doing things.

But, nevertheless you still might want to visit the store’s website in the internet before you are going to the real store and buy the product from there. These days, most of real stores, especially the large one have their own website.

Other than for online shopping, these websites are also provide information about products, discount and deals that they currently offering for their shoppers. So, it would not be so bad to visit the store’s website first before going to the real store. Who knows you might get great information about the stores deals.

Customer’s reviews

Before buying the product, it will be better if you can find review and satisfaction rating from other people who have bought and use the same product that you want. Therefore, you will know whether the product is the right choice for your need or not.

You would not want to waste your money on something that cannot be use or not suitable by you right? Getting to know what other people said and experienced will assist you to choose the best decision on your shopping.

Forward your grocery’s shipping date

Many online stores provide arranged shipping date feature on the product that you have bought. So, when there is a great offer on the product that you want for Christmas, birthday, or any other occasion you can buy it now and arrange the shipping date on the date that you want.

Who know on the date that you want there are no special deals, sale or discount on the same product. Or maybe the product is not for sale since it is out of stock. So, it would not hurt if you make early purchase on the product that you want.

Online shopping has made great change on many people shopping habit. With many variety of offers and deals that is provide by various online stores, it is no surprise that online shopping has become one of the most favorite online activities these days.